5 Things To Consider When Buying Solar Panels

December 19, 2022

Investing in a renewable energy source is no longer a luxury; it is practical and functional for you and is best for the environment. At Solar Energy Partners, if you are looking for a solar panel installer in Pakenham, we can assist with any queries that you have and advise you about the best route to go.

Listed below are some reasons for you to consider when buying solar panels;

  • The solar panel type,
  • Placement of solar panels,
  • Solar panel costs,
  • Solar panel installation requires permits,
  • Rebates and Tax incentives.

If you are considering installing solar panels, Read on! The following article highlights five reasons to consider when buying solar panels.


5 Things To Consider When Buying Solar Panels

With energy costs rising, it is becoming increasingly important and practical to invest in solar panels.

Here are five things for you to think about regarding solar panels;


1. The Solar Panel Type

Your solar energy partners are available to advise you on which is best for your home or business. There are two types of solar panels best suited for residences. Homeowners may purchase either a photovoltaic panel (solar electric panel) or a solar thermal panel.

Solar electric panels convert sunlight to electricity. These solar thermal panels are used more for water heating. In comparison, thermal panels utilize mirrors to harness and concentrate sunlight.

Solar thermal panels may seem better between the two types, but they work best when the sun is out. In the long term, solar electric panels are the better choice because they last longer and are versatile.


2. Solar Panel Placement

You should consult your friendly solar energy partners to check whether the roof is structurally sound and robust enough to handle the solar panels. They will advise you on what repairs, if any, are needed before installation.

You should also take into account the positioning of the panels. The best position for solar panels is facing north in the Southern Hemisphere. This direction optimizes solar energy.

3. Solar Panel Costs

The initial costs of installing solar panels may be high. However, in comparison to the savings, the initial costs are negligible. In Australia, the average solar panels cost between $4000-$6000 for 6KW solar electric panels. You can expect to pay between $7500-$10000 for 10KW solar electric panels.

The costs for installation may vary between construction and solar panel installation companies. It is best to ask around for quotations before making the final decision.

Several solar panel companies also offer the option to rent the panels for a specified time frame and cost.


4. Solar Panel Installation Requires Licenced Electrician

Despite the Australian Government’s support and encouragement for installing solar panels, homeowners require a licenced electrician to install them. There are specific requirements for existing buildings and those new homes and buildings under construction.

It is best to check with your solar energy partners on the requirements for installation.


5. Rebates And Tax Incentives For Solar Panels

The Australian Government offers homeowners a tax rebate for installing solar panels. They can receive approximately a $1400 rebate on an interest-free loan. Homeowners are also eligible for rebates based on their state regulations.

You should contact your solar energy partners for further information regarding where you can make additional savings with taxes and rebates. They are best to advise you on the requirements thereof.



With energy costs ever increasing and environmental concerns, the best route would be the installation of solar panels. The initial costs may be high, but in the long term, you can save. There are certain factors for you to consider, like the position of the panels, the costs involved, and whether homeowners receive a tax rebate.

These are all valid questions, and it is best to contact your solar energy partners, who have most of the answers.




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