How to get more Google Reviews?

April 12, 2022

Google Reviews play a very important role, especially to expand your online presence. According to a survey conducted recently, about 90% of customers trust reviews online as much as personal referrals.

So, a simple algorithm works on the internet space that is the better and more your reviews are; your search rankings would be much higher, leading to greater leads and enhancing your revenue.

In this article, we are going to explain about how to get more google reviews and how it affects our business.

  1. Approach Customers Directly for a Google Review

One of the easiest ways to get a Google Review is to ask your customers. It is quite simple, and most satisfied customers provide a proper google review on such requests. Also, if you are on a feedback call with your customer, ask them to write a review about your services.


  1. Follow Up Emails for Google Reviews

When a service or job is completed successfully, try to send your customer a follow-up email and request them to provide a google review. When you are sending a follow-up email, you must make sure you follow these.

  1. Try to write with a personal tone when you send the email

  2. You must thank your customer for choosing you

  3. Try to make your customer understand that you greatly appreciate as well as read all feedback.

  4. Try to make your customers understand why their valuable feedback plays an important role.

  5. Do provide a link for your customers to leave a Google review.


  1. Provide a Leave Behind Card

A leave behind is a type of marketing collateral that you generally leave at the property of your customer. It can be a Google review card. This is a popular option, especially if you are providing contractor or local services.

You can leave a card after your service with the following points

  1. The care and maintenance tips for the new floor

  2. The phone number if the customer has certain additional questions

  3. A card of your business

  4. A Google Review Card

  5. Proper instructions on how customers can use the google review card to provide a review.

If you feel that a physical card is a hassle, try to work on a digital card that you can easily create from Canva.


  1. Create a Shortcut for your Google Review link

For writing a google review, your customer has to go online and then write it. It is quite cumbersome; hence in order to get more google reviews, try creating a review shortcut link and then put it up on your website. For this, go to “my business account” on Google, click on the home tab and find out the option of “Get more reviews“. Once you get that, you have to click on the “Share review form” and copy the specific link on your clipboard. With this, you can share the link on your social media whenever you want, thereby garnering more reviews.


  1. Develop a Google Reviews Page on Your Website

In order to get better and more google reviews in a faster way, you can try to include a page on your website dedicated just to Google reviews. Also, this must be accessible from the navigation menu. You must also try to include a CTA on your page so as to persuade customers to write a review for you. Also, make sure that you include some of the existing reviews. This encourages customers to leave a review for you. Moreover, reviews also are a great tool for your SEO strategy as it is quite a keyword reach. So, try to create a suitable template for your google reviews page and get more google reviews for your services.


  1. Try Including a Google Review CTA in your footer

As you are working on adding on a template for your google reviews page, try to include a CTA for your google reviews on the footer of your website.


  1. Develop an Email Campaign for Google Review

Email marketing is one of the effective ways through which you can increase your Google reviews. To develop a template for your email marketing and send it to existing satisfied customers and request them for a review. Most customers, in all cases, would provide reviews if the process is clear.


Summing Up

These are some of the ways through which you can get more google reviews. Google Reviews play a very important role in the popularity of your product or service, so make sure you utilise these methods properly.

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