Top 5 Blogs of 2022

January 26, 2023

Yes, its a wrap, the year 2022 is over.

2022 was a year that a lot of people started to see hope again after the lockdowns eased up. Despite all the challenges, the world is now untangling the economic impacts of covid that lasted the last few years.

We covered a wide range of topics on the blog in 2022 and had some fascinating conversations. I can’t thank you enough for the encouragement, the interaction, the ideas and the friendships we made online. As has been the case for years, I want this space to be a place where the good people on the internet can hang out.

It’s always fascinating to look back at the numbers and see which topics resonated with readers the most in the previous year. In 2022, it appears that many were drawn to articles highlighting sports and fitness.

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  1. Nike Non Slip Shoes Posted April 13, 2022 by a Guest Writer

    Nike is one of the premium brands when it comes to footwear. Here is a list of Nike non-slip shoes that are available in the market today. Like all Nike shoes, these are designed to provide comfort along with style. A lot of people need good quality nike non-slip shoes for work. Even though we don’t take much notice, people working in restaurants, cafes, catering, hairdressing, all salespeople at retail stores, or doctors and nurses in a hospital are always standing or walking all day long in order to do their job. This means that they spend long hours on their feet and it is of immense value for them to have good comfortable shoes to keep standing and walking all day.

  2. Best Youth Catchers Gear Posted June 29, 2022 by a Guest Writer

    Being a catcher is not an easy job! These 5 best youth catchers’ gear are designed to make it a little bit easier tho. Just like a catcher’s performance is crucial for the team, so does his safety! A catcher needs to handle a lot of abuse, and without proper protection, it can lead to severe injuries. To reduce the chances of injuries, players need to stay on top of safety! If your little champ is on his way to being a catcher, it is best to get him well-equipped. This article will tell you about our top five gears for youth catchers.

  3. Dumbbell Set Posted August 15, 2022 by a Guest Writer

    Is working out at home your jam? Or is it new territory for you? No matter what camp you fall in, you will encounter a similar challenge, i.e., difficulty finding the right exercise equipment for you in-home gym. If you truly want to create a home gym that works for you, the key is to purchase the right exercise tools, like a set of dumbbells. It is the most versatile exercise tool, enabling you to perform several exercises. You can get into intense muscle-building sessions with the right dumbbell sets or lightly tone the arms. It takes less space and is quite high in demand. But finding the right dumbbell sets is not an easy task. That’s why we have sorted out a few classic options for you to find the ideal fit. We have recommended the dumbbell sets from different brands to maintain a balance of variety.

  4. Cable Crossover Machine Posted August 15, 2022 by a Guest Writer

    When it comes to in-home gyms, most gym enthusiasts consider purchasing the cable crossover machine, also called cable machine. This exercise tool’s bulky size and high price have made it less popular yet desirable. This largely depends on the area of your in-house gym. Some people consider getting this equipment because they have bigger home gyms that can nicely accommodate this tool. One can perform a variety of exercises through this bulky tool. We have listed five of the best cable crossover machines that are easily available in the market.

  5. Elliptical Exercise Machine – Posted December 22, 2022 by a Guest Writer

    Having an elliptical exercise machine is a must if you want to start building a home gym or want to make additions to your existing home gym. These are considered safer and more convenient options for high-intensity workouts. This exercise is designed to target different muscle groups at the same time. It also helps you go easier on your knees, hips, joints, and back. In addition, an elliptical exercise machine improves your resistance and speed. It keeps your heart pumping and muscles burning. But finding the right elliptical machine that suits your needs can be challenging. That’s why we have listed five of the best elliptical exercise machines. Our top picks for this machine are guaranteed to boot your workout program.


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